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wellness coaching

A wellness coach can provide support around weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, performance improvements, lifestyle changes, habit changes, accountability, and improving overall relationship and mindset with food. With WAM Wellness Coaching, we realize that your wellness journey is your own. You come into coaching with a unique set of experiences, needs and goals. We want to support you in
reaching those goals, in whatever format works the best for you! Whether it is intermittent advice and encouragement, or daily
objectives and support, let us support you in your wellness journey.


meet whitney


For both my nutrition and my physical practice, I believe:

1) That growth and progress is entirely personal, and must be honored and supported by following the lead of the individual and their lived experiences.

2) That consistency is really a rare form of intentional magic.

3) That feeling acknowledged and supported while practicing consistency can become the special sauce that creates long term habit change.

4) That slow, is fast- and you are always enough just as you are!

WAM Wellness Coaching Services

We are all different, unique, perfect individuals with differing needs, goals and lifestyles.
So why not choose a plan that works for You!?
***Non-members pay 40% more***

FREE 30-Minute Consultation

A great first step to gather information, ask questions, and learn how wellness coaching may benefit you!


starting from $67 / 1 hour session

Individual coaching sessions can support you once, or many times as best fits your needs and scheduling. (bundles of 1, 5 or more visits). This
stand-alone session includes; personalized nutrition plan, 2-3 breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes +
customized resources and recommendations to get your started on your nutrition journey.


starting from $67 / 1 hour session

Begin training with a comprehensive, in-person strength and mobility assessment. Follow with personalized individual training sessions, targeted to meet your unique training goals. Specializing in strength and metabolic resistance training, as well core and pelvic floor function.


$50 / 1 month package

Already an experienced tracker and cook, but just needing some accountability and an excellent
customized plan to get you moving? This fully virtual, 4-week accountability program is for you. Or pair with intermittent Individual Sessions for in-person support.


$50 / 1 month package

Looking to build an excellent fitness practice, but unsure where to start? Begin this personalized 4-week program to receive weekly training splits, anytime contact and advice and support from a certified personal trainer and yoga teacher. Or pair with in-person personal training sessions for fully comprehensive fitness experience.

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