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swim lessons
We offer group and private swim lessons for all levels of swimmers during the summer months at West Hills from June - August. For more advanced swimmers consider joining our Waves Swim Team! | Members only  

Class Levels for Group Swim Lessons
Class sizes will be 4 or less per instructor.

Level 1: Become comfortable in the water while having fun learning new skills and basic water safety.
            Skills- Floating, blowing bubbles, submerging, kicking, and arm movements.
            Prerequisite: Must be at least 3 years of age and able to sit on the pool edge without parent.

Level 2: Learn basic and fundamental swimming skills. Also, learn to do level 1 skills without support.
             Skills- intro to arm-strokes, backstroke, steamboats, exploring underwater and developing arm & leg propulsion
             Prerequisite: Must be able to comfortably submerge while blowing bubbles and push off of the wall from in the water.

Level 3:Learn freestyle, backstroke, & elementary backstroke as well as coordinating breathing with arm & leg movements
            Skills- intro to butterfly, breaststroke, proper streamlines, and diving.
           Prerequisite: Must be able to demonstrate unassisted forward progress on front and back for at least 5 yards.

Level 4: Combines the level 3 skills with proper breathing techniques, arm, leg, and body positions. 
            Skills- correct pulling, kicking, arm recoveries, and swim full lengths of the pool consistently
            Prerequisite: Must be able to swim at least 25 yards of freestyle followed by 25 yards of backstroke.

Level 5:CURRENTLY NOT OFFERING Continues the stroke progression by tuning each student's performance to an advanced level
            Skills- strokes, starts, and turns, that are efficient, effective, and legal, to a competitive swimming standard
            Prerequisite: Must be able to demonstrate proficiency in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly; min. of 25 yards each.

West Hills outdoor heated pool

waves swim team
Our youth Waves Swim Team is the perfect way to enjoy the summer and be part of a fun and competitive program that focuses on improving stroke technique, building endurance while developing our student-athletes overall swimming skills in a positive learning environment.  The season consists of daily training sessions, intersquad swim meets as well as dual meets with other local clubs (home & away). | Members only  


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