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Mountain Park indoor tennis court viewing area


Tennis Lessons
A Junior Tennis Program That Grows With Your Child

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Our goal is to create groups that kids can thrive in. Each group will cater to your child’s specific needs and help them to improve based on their abilities and desire.

Just like your child, not one tennis player is alike! Each player has a certain style that fits them, and we will work to help your child find their preferred way of playing tennis. 

Our program begins with our Foundation Classes which develop the foundations they will need to continue to build on not only tennis, but all other activities they participate in. Every junior who is just starting out will start in one of these levels. 

​Once kids have their foundations set and start showing serious interest in competing competitively in tennis, you will need to help them decide which path is right for them. Both paths are great for fun, fitness, building relationships, and most importantly, improving tennis, but they do have their differences.

Non-members welcome!

Non-member rates are 20% more than listed price

Non-member participants are limited to 1 term of lessons

registration opens feb 21!
kids stacking up tennis balls on a racket

become a tennis athlete

Junior Nights and Family Play Days
Regularly scheduled, these are great events for social match play….fun for the whole family!

USTA Team Tennis
Junior Team Tennis (JTT) gives juniors a chance to compete against players from the other clubs and have a great time learning match play. The PNW-USTA offers JTT teams for ages 10-18. For more information, click here. For a copy of the Single Gender Junior Team Tennis Format click here.

child and coach teaching tennis

what do the different color balls mean?

difference in balls for junior lessons explained
difference in balls and court size for junior lessons explained
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