When you join a TRIBE Team, you commit to your fitness, your goals and your Team. You are part of a Team who will train, motivate and succeed together for six weeks. Your TRIBE Coach adapts each exercise to suit all fitness levels, from beginner to athlete. TRIBE Team Training™ creates community, fosters accountability and delivers RESULTS!


You're Invited: Trial Week

Experience complimentary trial sessions.

SEPTEMBER 14-18, 2020

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Experience high intensity functional fitness that is designed to bring you to new levels of training. Everything you do is for time. Example: ‘Complete this workout as fast as you can’ or ‘You have 30 minutes to complete this workout’.

Experience intelligent training that is designed to bring new levels of strength, support, and flexibility through your back, glutes, abs, and shoulders. This style of workout will bring structural longevity, pain free movements, and firm strong abs!

Experience a fun low impact functional session that combines aerobic movements, strength exercises, as well as core and flexibility exercises that are gentle on the joints. Life sessions are designed to decrease body fat, increase energy levels, achieve cardio vascular fitness and increase functional strength.

TRIBE coaches

Holly - Head Coach











Trial week September 14 - 18


Members $149 per season (non-members $195 per season)

6 weeks per season | Two 60 minute workouts per week


Minimum 4 people required per team


How Tribe different from group fitness?

TRIBE sessions are smaller in size than group fitness classes. TRIBE is scientifically proven programming, with a commitment of two sessions per week for six weeks, pre and post-assessments and RESULTS!


What is a season and why do I have to commit?
TRIBE offers back to back seasons throughout the year. Each season begins with a free Trial Week so potential new team members can check out the workouts. The subsequent six weeks consist of twice-weekly progressive workouts.


How do I register for the season?
Register by the first session of each season via the app, website or in person at the Service Desk, or by emailing Head Coach Holly at holly.howard@northp.com


Are drop-ins allowed?
Yes, with Head Coach Holly’s pre-approval. Please let Holly know of any interested participation.

Are makeups allowed?
You can make up a missed session WITHIN the same week by having your coach set you up in another team for one workout or by contacting a coach you know and ask if you can attend a session to makeup. There will also be make-up sessions, for all three formats, 3 times a season, ran on a Saturday


Can I join mid-season?
Only with Coach Holly’s approval. Please contact Holly Howard at holly.howard@northp.com for additional information.


Can non–members join?
Yes! Price for non-members is 30% more than the member rate. Please contact Head Coach Holly for additional information.

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