nutrition coaching

A nutrition coach can provide support around weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, performance improvements, lifestyle changes, habit changes, accountability, and improving overall relationship and mindset with food.


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For both my nutrition and my physical practice, I believe:

1) That growth and progress is entirely personal, and must be honored and supported by following the lead of the individual and their lived experiences.

2) That consistency is really a rare form of intentional magic.

3) That feeling acknowledged and supported while practicing consistency can become the special sauce that creates long term habit change.

4) That slow, is fast- and you are always enough just as you are!

OurCollectiveBreath Nutrition Coaching Services

Feel free to select the time and day that works the best for you!
If you are beginning a new program, or dropping in for a stand-alone visit, your club account will be billed for the date of your first visit.
***Non-members pay 40% more***

FREE 30-Minute Consultation

A great first step to gather information, ask questions, and learn how nutrition coaching may benefit you!

Macro-Coaching Introductory Plan

$160 Members | $225 Non-members

Includes 4 coaching occurrences. Each coaching occurrence includes a 45-minute virtual in-person session and a unique meal-plan (2-3 hours of time and attention weekly dedicated to YOU!) that is tailored to fit your unique needs. Unlimited messaging contact throughout by email or text.

Macro-Coaching Maintenance Plan

$100 Members | $140 Non-members

Includes 4 coaching occurrences, where you choose EITHER 4 virtual in-person coaching sessions, OR 4 unique meal plans (or a combination therein). Must have completed at least 1 month of the Introductory Plan. Unlimited messaging contact throughout by email or text.

Macro-Coaching Drop In

$45 Members | $63 Non-members

Includes one 45-minute virtual in-person session. Great for checking in with a certified nutritionist and troubleshooting tracking, gathering new recipes, or talking through diet or movement options for a desired wellness outcome.