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Relax | Refresh | Recover

Enjoy a relaxing massage after a stressful work week or grueling workout. Call the Service Desk and book an appointment today. Your body will be glad you did! Our services are open to members and non-members because everyone deserves to relax and treat themselves. 

commit to your wellness

massage therapy 

Custom Massage | Gua Sha, Cupping, Thai, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Each service is tailored to individual need. Upon arrival, you will discuss with Cindy to determine what your specific goals are for the session.

Massage Rates:

60 Minutes | $90 Member 

90 Minutes | $120 Member 

120 Minutes | $160 Member

*Non member incur 20% rate increase



6-60 Minute | $500

6-90 Minute | $665

6-120 Minute | $884

*Non member incur 20% rate increase 


Must cancel/modify appointments at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours will be charged the full service fee. 

massage therapists

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Cindy Armendariz

Cindy Armendariz

massage appointments with Cindy



West Hills

Tuesday | 10a-5p

Friday | 10a-1:30p

Sunday | 10a-5p

Mountain Park

Monday | 12-5p

Wednesday | 4-8p

Thursday | 10a-5p


Contact the Service Desk to book, 503.646.4106 or email Cindy at

Louis Guzman-Woldrich

Louis  Guzman-Woldrich

massage appointments with Louis


West Hills

Monday | 8:45a-2:30p

Mountain Park

Sunday | 2-7p

Tuesday | 8:45a-2:30p


Contact the Service Desk to book, 503.646.4106 or email Louis at

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